Being, by Nature, is Joy.

Do you know that you can be always happy? Not by trying to be happy, you can always be happy! So immense is your natural happiness that there is room for even some sadness to come, but it doesn’t mask your happiness. It doesn’t seem possible that some waves may come, some little irritations, momentary expressions of anger, but they have no root, so they can’t proliferate. They are momentary in the great expanse of this love and this peace that is your perfume. You see? It is just so You. Naturally happy, you see?

You have to really, really believe in something, you must have some extra skill to believe that you are unhappy. Because by Being, by nature, is the joy. By nature, it is the joy! Just like it is by nature for the flower to smell beautiful.

Lighthousefellowship (1)
The nature of Self is happiness and lightness of being, joy, openness. But when the mind tries to cultivate that, OK, there is also a place for that. The person tries to become better, to be more understanding and so on. Sometimes you see people who are trying to be understanding. When somebody is talking to them, you see them going, ‘Yes, yes’, because they’ve learned how to look like they are listening. That is not really understanding. But when you somehow fall into your own ocean, everything becomes light, light, light, light, happy, joyful and open, because you are not afraid. So you are more kind, naturally. You are not trying to be kind, but spontaneously, you cannot help it. You don’t want to hurt anyone wilfully. Of course, you cannot stop people being hurt, but you don’t willfully hurt. This is just an amazing thing in the life that we are this! We are This!  But somehow, we are dreaming we are different from this. Thank God for Satsang, because it is bringing you back. Come and wake up!
Come, wake up! Come and wake up back into your joy, into your beauty and grace!
This is the cake you are! Beautiful outside, inside, tastes beautiful too. It is true. I am not flattering you. I am just telling you the truth.
Don’t go with these thoughts, they are not yours. They are not for you. They were just passing. Why are you hanging on to that? Why are you going to the temple with a fish in your pocket?  No, you don’t have to do this. Everything becomes so beautiful. This is why God has put in here something that doesn’t get tired to share this with you because it belongs to you to know.
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This is an excerpt from the August 2017 Monte Sahaja Silent Retreat. The full session is available on the online Satsang Shop here.
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Tiaga Nihal Kaur, 
Namaste ॐ

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