The Moment You Fall in Love With Fall

There is a quote about nature that goes like this; “Look deeply into nature, and then you will understand everything better“. This is a quote by Albert Einstein. It resonates with me since I know we can find many answers to our questions with nature. When I get anxious and start feeling overwhelmed I know nature has the answer to my problems and questions.

Nature renews my spirit, it makes me see beyond suffering, it makes me feel free.

I wrote a personal post on Instagram today about my walk in nature from yesterday.  The wind was so strong that the sky danced with leaves, I found that moment so beautiful that I had to share it with the world. At that moment everything stood still, I even forgot that I had suffered. I just was. Read the post below to see the whole story of “Falling in Love with Fall”.

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Falling in love with fall 🌎🍃🌲 Nature is the best way to find relaxation, renew your energy and regenerate. We are nature ourselves and find our way home to the Sounds of the wind, and birds chirping. 🕊I took this video yesterday and had to stop for a while and just look at the leaves falling from the trees, the wind was very strong, since it was beginning to rain a bit. 🍃🌧 But although the scenery reminded me to stop for a moment and enjoy the cyclic nature of things ✨💓🕉there is beauty in the continuation and everything is bound up to the law of change. Everything changes and from that insight we Can find stilness and rest in the knowing that our anxiety is going to end. We will feel better, our mind will begin to feed us thoughts and emotions Where we Can be well and balanced again. This is the law, I try to remember that when my anxiety hurts so much. Our spirit is free of suffering, our lives in the other hand May gives us plenty of bad cards But in the end it is how we respond to the changing circumstances that will result in how we feel in the end. I know deep in my Core that this will pass and I will be free again. 🙏🏻😇 . I wish all Happiness and Peace of mind. I welcome you to tell your stories about What techniques you practice on a Daily basis to find your balance? 🙏🏻💛👫🌍Comment below to share your insights 😀✍🏼👇🏼 . . . . . . #mettayoga_lovingkindness #kundaliniyogateachertrainin_mettayoga #insights #anxiety #yourstory #shareyourstory #fall #changes #season #nature #balance #yoga #happinessishere #love #yogastories #igyoga #wellness #metta #awareness #meditation #mindfulness #depression #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #freedom #suffering #healthymind #survivor

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Thanks for reading!

Tiaga Nihal Kaur, 
Namaste ॐ

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