#MeToo Meditation

#Metoo has exploded all over the world with women and men coming out talking about being sexually abused, harassed or experienced any kind of sexual misconduct. In that relation, I have meditated on my own experiences with being sexually harassed. As a woman having these hurtful comments about my physical body has made me bitter towards how men view women when they neglect the soul body and how beautiful it is. It’s pure love. For the last couple of days after Kundalini Yoga school, I have meditated every day and searched deep within after what truth is. Three times now I have had euphoria during my Kriya when I practiced it early in the morning. My mind yearns to welcome my spirit back to my center and find a balance in the midst of all that happens around me in life. I first want to say I am thankful, I am so thankful that I have arrived at the present moment and at last I am ready to open the gifts that meditation continuously is gifting me.

Here are the notes from my new bought book “The Joy Journal” by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. 

#MeToo Meditation Notes

Dear Joy Journal. It`s now Nov 18th. After the Metta meditation today I made a new prayer about #MeToo 

… I wish that everyone would find love and compassion in their hearts. Sitting rooted in the center of the spine lays the heart. It pumps with all its might, bringing life, opening you up to forgiveness, compassion, to loving yourself and shining this loving-kindness towards all people around you. Love is the greatest force we have inside of us and it is even greater once we acknowledge this power by the awareness of loving-kindness. Even those that suffer needs to awaken to this particular source they have buried within themselves. Behind layers and layers of sorrow. Peeling each layer by layer until they rediscover and feel the power of love for themselves. First and foremost for themselves and then they can begin to live in full bloom.

As the lotus flower greets the sun after being submerged in the mud. The mud being their sorrow and the illusions in life. We have wrongful views and conceptions of what is the truth and not.

The truth is explained in the mantra “I AM”, where the finite binds with the infinite. There is nothing that can change the truth. The truth will come to you once you let it come to you. I was practicing to the Ganpati Meditation and the Meditation Teacher Yogi Amandeep Sigh was saying something very beautiful. “Let go, Let God”. Because in Yoga we are God. We are in God`s domain, which is within us. The mind contains both heaven and hell, and you can decide which one you want to pay more attention too. I know that love resides within me, and I know the full capacity I have to share goodness, kindness, compassion, and loving-kindness out through my fingertips, beaming like a light from my heart. 

Listening. Deep listening towards the ones you love and the ones that have sorrow in their hearts. It is something that we can particularly pay more close attention to. When we listen with our hearts we listen with compassion and understanding. When we are receptible to letting that space of deep listening opening up deeply within us, through awareness, let it be just the words of your partner you pay attention too. 

Listening is love and understanding.

True listening is pure love. It is as important to listen to yourself. Practicing deep listening to the truths that lay buried within you. How do you live your life? Do you live your life in accordance with your dreams? with what you deeply want and need? Notice how you feel towards the unfolding of the day. Your feelings, your thoughts, your body. How you interact with people, how your reactions are? Try to be mindful around each of these steps and bring yourself back to the moment. Because this is the only moment where life is happening, which is in the now. Feel the spaciousness of the now. As if gifts where opened every single time you took a deep breath in. And you opened the gifts of life into your lungs. And in this present moment, you have come home. Home to yourself. You have actually greeted yourself into your own spacious moment. Your very own spacious room that resides within yourself. The divinity is reached through grace and the devoted dedication of discipline towards confronting what needs to be confronted.

… Life can be very frail.

But if we look at all those situations that have happened throughout our lives. Sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual remarks, and sexual abuse. It hurts. Because it is not the soul that has been seen. It is the EGO that has eaten up our bodies. It is the senses that have had a lust for the body. But the body is impermanent and the soul is forever. Come back to that eternity within yourself and know that your soul is untouched, it is pure and divine. It has had life from the very beginning. It was never born and it will never die. That is why this mantra “I Am” is so powerful in terms of coming back to yourself. 


“Let go, Let God”.

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Thank you for reading!

Tiaga Nihal Kaur, 
Namaste ॐ

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