Meditation For Absolutely Powerful Energy

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The power of this chanting Meditation when done correctly, must be experienced to be believed. Only 5 repetitions are necessary to totally elevate the consciousness. When you have a hard day to face, this meditation will give you absolutely powerful energy, and it will balance your most effective computer, the brain. It is the best thing to do for “brain drain.” The meditation can also be done when you are able to sleep afterward.


Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Interlock all of your fingers except your ring fingers, which are pressed together pointing upward. The right thumb locks down the left thumb. Place the mudra at the level of your diaphragm, several inches out from the body, with the fingers pointing out at a sixty-degree angle. Then close your eyes.

meditation, kriya, mindfulness, kundalini yoga, tiaga nihal kaur, meditate, balance, energy, consciousness,

Meditation, Mindfulness, Mindful, Kundalini Yoga, Mudra, Tiaga Nihal Kaur, Kundalini, Yoga, Energy,
The Ring finger represents the Pṛthvī Mātā (“Mother Earth”) and in reflexology (an alternative medicine involving the application of pressure) the tip of the ring finger stimulates the brain and sinuses. For emotional balancing the ring finger assists with letting go as it is also represented with the emotion grief and sadness.

Breath/Mantra: Inhale deeply and chant Ong in long-form, one recitation of Ong per exhalation (approximately 15 seconds, but in a group setting, each person chants in their own breath rhythm). The sound is created through the nose, the mouth is held slightly open, but no air comes out through the mouth. The sound comes from the nose by way of the back of the upper palate. Your upper palate will vibrate. Concentrate to do it correctly. Continue for 8 minutes.

The sound is prolonged and continuous and created by holding a strong Neck Lock, closing the back of the throat and using the head like a conch. The sound is vibrated through the central subtle nerve channel the Sushmana, accessed by vibrating the center of the nose.

Neck Lock Instructions: A neck lock (Jalandhara Bandha) in kundalini yoga is one of the four main body locks that assist to help prana (life force) to flow within the physical and energetic pathways to promote health and healing. To practice, bring the chin back towards the spine and gently press downward. It does not have to be a strong bend. Neck lock is very beneficial for thyroid function and anxiety and stress.

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The Jalandhara Bandha – Neck lock.

Comments: When chanting in a group, each person should use their own breath rhythm.

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TIPS on Meditation: Practicing meditation is a good way to calm your mind and life stresses. You are welcome to look through my Resource Page for a Meditation that soothes your needs.

Resources: I have made a library of yoga exercises for you, you can click on the link and try some Kundalini meditations and kriyas below.

Kundalini Yoga Kriyas
Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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