On Humanity, Self-Love and the Dire Need to Learn How We Can Live a More Compassionate Life Together

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This is The Great Awakening.

This is the time to see there is no difference between the wounded and the sufferer. We are all the same.

Tiaga Nihal Kaur

There is an acute demand to understand how we can work on having a more humane and higher compassion towards each other. The world is in such a disturbance and I felt compelled to address this, so the light of awakening can reach all of our hearts with a new understanding of this world we are about to embark on.

Title: The Sunlight of Awareness / Art by Tiaga Nihal Kaur
On Humanity & Compassion

Our protector is sick, our dear Mother weeps tears of anguish for our Earth. Which we as One are living on together, not separate. Our mother weeps tears of worry because we have lost our connection to our own hearts. We are so disconnected from ourselves in such a way that we give into the false premise that separation is something which we agree upon, but it can not sustain life from living in equality. From this foundation which is nothing but a contorted mirage of ingredients that have collectively been accepted as the norm. That has to change now.

The earth holds almost all the secrets of nature, which will help us in understanding the universe. She is invested with divinity and respected as mother. The earth is my mother and I am her son.”

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Title: Mother Earth. / Art by Tiaga Nihal Kaur.

It is only through love that we can embark the path of peace.

Tiaga Nihal Kaur

We give into the false illusion of wrongful perceptions and let racism and fascism to divide us, we can no longer stand idly by and close our eyes to the crushing power that makes our tongues cut off and our hands bound behind our backs. There is a way, a path that transcends all hatred and divisiveness that no longer will keep us from fearing each other, no longer judge each other based on ignorance and help this awareness of wisdom that can teach us to understand how we were taught to hate one and other in the first place. There is always a cause and effect. The path to liberation is self- love and compassion.

A person who divides humanity challenges the universal oneness, and he becomes dis-connected from the self. From love itself, and the core values that make up a human being. It is only through love that we can embark the path of peace.

Finding your true self, cultivating loving-kindness and compassion towards yourself, you will begin to feel connected to yourself again, to your happiness and find peace of mind, which also connects you to a community. You will belong and feel loved because you are empowering yourself with compassion towards yourself, then you walk the path of peace. When the world is in distress, we need to address the fact that we all need to individually reflect more deeply to see what’s going on within ourselves.

A World Left in Burning Embers

2020 has set the tone of being a year of the Veil-That-Has-Been-Lifted. Some even call it the Great Awakening. Several months have passed and there is already this sense of a pressure to comprise a decade within these days that we all have been quarantined, isolated, cut-off from our friends and family, the entire world on a lockdown, demonstrations and corruption that are fought around the world. The resurfacing of Jeffrey Epstein Human Trade connections to both President Trump and the links to The Royal Family and Prince Andrew and the continuous racial disputes which sadly takes on a fascist turn regarding how Trump has handled the suppression of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement by ordering National Guard out on the streets of Washington DC, The sudden fear of a world war III, a new Civil War and Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton that claimed in his upcoming book that President Donald Trump sought China’s help to win the 2020 presidential election and also admitting the election is rigged. I feel for the children in the ICE detention centers that have been separated from their parents and many are now missing.

The common denominator in this formula for divisiveness equals cruelty. When people have lost faith in loving oneself it results in the world burning.

Sunlight of Awareness, Awareness, metta yoga, mettayoganet, tiaga nihal kaur, art, illustration, illustration by tiaga nihal kaur

How to Liberate Yourself From Suffering
We are in The Era of Great Awakening where we have a crossroad in front of us.

Why do we carry other peoples unresolved suffering? Their burdens lay upon their shoulders but also in our minds like heavy clouds, masking pain, hurt, isolation and the lack of interconnected-ness amongst human beings. We resist that we can reach liberation on a much deeper level, even though the illusory flame of fear burns brightly only because of our own will. We are in The Era of Great Awakening where we have a crossroad in front of us. Do we pursue the path of truth and love, or let us stay suppressed and buried in the path of illusion? Let us not be indifferent to the capability of our own minds. Because our potential is vast. Once we acknowledge the authentic power of our own minds; that it can dissolve courage with fear which is deeply rooted in illusion and ignorance. Or we can break free from the chains of mind itself to find that ultimate liberation, which will free us and we will walk on earth as enlightened beings.

Creating A Safe Space in Your Mind – LIKE A MOUNTAIN

Being a Trauma survivor of emotional abuse and neglect, I have recurring memories and imprints in my mind which have given me triggers. Actually, it has taken me until now to truly see clearly what has happened to me during my upbringing. It was just like a flash of lightening, only I couldn’t get away this time. Everything was laid bare before my eyes, and I knew their abuse wasn’t about me at all. How could this be I hear you say out loud? It’s normal for a child to put the whole blame on themselves, but as an adult we can reflect back on the causes for the suffering that our parents had to deal with themselves. It doesn’t make it right, its not! But it makes a whole world of a difference if we can light our awareness on the question; Who is to blame for this suffering?

What we will recognize after looking deeply as with a magnifying glass on our own emotions and suffering is that there is no one to blame. As I was told by a monk from my Buddhist Centre, we would have to blame Adam and Eve. Ive been living with a generational wound which also my mother, grandmother and my paternal grandmother have as well. All of which has survived the Holocaust and being a refugee. That was why it was so important for me to write the article and Interview with Holocaust Survivor, Eva Mozes Kor: On Cultivating The Art of Forgiveness.

Photo of my paternal grandmother in Warsaw,  Poland 1943. A year before the Warsaw uprising (Warschauer Aufstand) The Warsaw Uprising was a major World War II operation by the Polish underground resistance led by the Home Army.

After my parents died in October and December 2019, one and a half month after one another. I have reflected deeply on the shame that I have been carrying for so long, for something that in the first place wasn’t even my fault. When I dissected the sorrow, the betrayal and neglect I finally gave myself permission to make space in my heart and feel the depths of the tears that were left unshed and bottled up for very long. This is a start and a process to where you can begin processing emotions and things that are triggering you in your daily life. What I came to understand because of confronting my emotions, was that it wasn’t my fault and that I deserved as much as anyone to take off the heavy rug sack I was carrying.

Even today im still working on releasing the hurt that was inflicted on me. Remember this the next time your own value is being challenged that those people are hurting within selves and that they can’t carry their own suffering, that’s why their suffering is spilling over on you. To have lost the connection with your own self, your own power that has been taken away through years of abuse is difficult to get back. But it’s possible because there is hope. It is hope because we all want happiness and freedom from suffering. take a moment to reflect upon this. Its always a possibility to feel better. We can go a lifetime without even recognizing the ultimate depths or the vast spectre before we begin to confront what has happened to us and then leave these imprints of suffering from the past be. Like a heavy leather jacket we have worn for most of our lives, torn and thinned by years of suffering, we can allow ourselves to take it off when we realize we don’t need it anymore. When we don’t acknowledge the feelings of past hurt, and even think of them as non-existent, we fool ourselves into a web of lies “that everything is okay”, even though we deeply in our core know that we are not.

That is why awareness of self, the body and the mind are so important. We can observe the birth and death of destructive thought patterns as they are floating as dark clouds in our mind. With practice we will eventually experience and know that there is an end to fluctuations of all thoughts sequences, and the practice here is to apply mindfulness as we just observe them as they come and go. Knowing that all things is transient is a welcoming gift in these times. Pain can also exist on an energetic level which manifests in the body itself. Let me use an example here; if you are in invited to a dinner party and its full of happiness and joy, until a person suddenly gets angry and throws a fit. The energy and the atmosphere in the room will change, the energy of hate, anger and violence is such a concentrated force that is vibrating in the lower level of the spectrum of higher energetic scale. You feel that you don’t want to be around that person; you feel tightness in your chest; you feel nervous and even afraid because of this sudden outburst. Imagine living with this energy most of your life, feeling scared. The energy of hatred, sorrow and bitterness will manifest as sickness, chronic diseases and also mental illnesses that are difficult to manage.

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Just being still like a mountain, letting all these feelings come and go as they please and keep reminding yourself that you are strong as a mountain.
Sunlight of Awareness, Awareness, metta yoga, mettayoganet, tiaga nihal kaur, art, illustration, illustration by tiaga nihal kaur

Many dread their first meeting at the psychologist’s office, not knowing how to react if the therapist asks about vulnerable subjects. Some feel it’s confrontational while other may feel it’s like a formal friendship. If we confront our own emotions, thoughts and body by ourselves we can create an authentic space for healing for the trauma within ourselves. By finding a seated meditative position, calming your breath and noticing how your body feels, tight?, sore? etc.. Really take the time it takes for your mind, body and emotions to settle. It might feel impossible at first, to feel balanced in all these areas but stick to the schedule and take 3 minutes of your day to spend with yourself. You are worth it! If you feel agitated, scared, nervous or even restless is normal, feel your heart racing, your palms sweating or the feeling of restlessness that comes over you when you are uncomfortable. Try to welcome whatever is happening in you, in your body if you feel your neck is hurting or if you notice your breath becomes shallow, try to just be there with your awareness of it and adjust your breathing by putting your hands on your stomach. Guide yourself until you begin to feel connected, safe and balanced.

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Title: Mother Earth is within you / Art by Tiaga Nihal Kaur.

Just being still like a mountain, letting all these feelings come and go as they please and keep reminding yourself that you are strong as a mountain. If things get too challenging, you can always allow yourself to stop or pause. No one is making the rules, but YOU! All mind-like images are illusions of the mind that can give rise to fear or suffering by focusing on them, but again, keep reminding yourself that a memory is still just a memory of a fleeting past. You are safe. You are here, connected to your inner light!


Many years ago I was gifted a Meditation by a close friend of mine in India, which has helped a lot. I call it “Meeting Your Inner Child”. He would instruct me on meeting my inner child and talk to her, tell her the things that needed to be said to ease her suffering. There lives a child in everyone of us, this child in us wants us to pay attention so that we can see her or him. I would meet her in my favorite place. It could be anywhere you like, if you would like to try it for yourself one day; it could be in the forest, by the lake or whatever location you choose, as long as its a place where you feel safe and calm. Facing your younger self with the perspective of an adult helps the inner child in you to find trust again in a grownup. She or he is not a distant fragment of the past, she or he is in you and you are connecting with the past in such a way that can help heal you again. It offers a lot of comfort to make space for answering all the questions she or he may have, that was left unanswered in the past. By this meditation you can let the inner child grow into a new awareness of how the future will be for her or him.

// After The Inner Child Meditation, it gave me a fresh perspective on how I view myself and how I have lived. We all carry our child-wounds in our grown-up body, and this may manifest in several ways, some feel they have lost the ability to take chances and others have a hard time trusting others. And this is a healthy way of confronting yourself through mindful awareness.

Our world yearns to restore the lost powers of connection.

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“It’s as if grasping after a key to unlock something which is no longer there. Because you are looking and searching for the key in the wrong places. It was always within you.”

We can only be as free as we allow ourselves to feel free. The boundaries that are so incorporated into our pattern of thinking and feeling is so engraved into the tapestry of our persona. Our past hurt and suffering which our parents, caretakers, have done unto us, and again have been done unto them before we were born. We have to make a pledge to ourselves that the light we have within will not be extinguished, because if it were, then all hope would be lost. We can make promises every day of our waking moments in life to pursue love and light and let compassion into our hearts so that the darkness within each and everyone can be lit by our new understanding of being there for ourselves, it’s a courageous thing to do if not the very best thing to do in your whole life. Regarding the present and the future of the world in how it will proceed. Stop blaming others for how you let yourself feel. It’s no one to blame when the people in your life that caused your suffering have passed on. It’s as if grasping after a key to unlock something which is no longer there. Because you are looking and searching for the key in the wrong places. It was always within you.

We knew that man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard. 

Chief Luther Standing Bear
mettayoganet, metta yoga, tiaga nihal kaur, art, art by tiaga nihal kaur, awareness, lotus, hand, yoga, illustration, artistic,

mettayoganet, metta yoga, kundalini yoga, awareness, mindfulness, yoga, art, art by tiaga nihal kaur, illustration, paiting, oslo, norway, bird, art,
Title: Oneness / Art By Tiaga Nihal Kaur

Enjoying The Present Moment

As I write this from my home while sitting in the kitchen, with my elbows resting on the wooden table. The open door reveals a lush green garden and the light that streams in, fills the room with sunlight and it casts light plays from my crystal hanging from the curtain above the largest window.. I can hear the birds sing and I feel peaceful because their music has taken residence deep in my heart. It makes me feel grateful to experience here and now. I can hear the children coming home from school, laughing and joking with their friends. This moment is a tribute of joy and peace.

Remember to be present amid all that is happening around and within ourselves. This is how we heal our own suffering,

this is how we take one step closer to finding balance.

Tiaga Nihal Kaur


Ive made a short list of helpful mental health resources for you to try below to help you find more calm.

  1. 5 Ways to Guard Your Mental Health During the Covid19 OutbreakWEBMD.COM
  2. Taking Care of Your Emotional Health EMERGENCY.CDC.GOV
  3. COVID-19 Well-Being Toolkit and ResourcesCENTER FOR HEALTHY MINDS.
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As of March 18, 2020 Healthy Minds Program App, which supports individuals on a path to well-being through the practice of awareness, connection, insight and purpose, is available for free to individuals.  There is no subscription fee, and there are no requirements.  

Download Now! Apple App Store | Google Play store

TIPS on Meditation: Practicing meditation is a good way to calm your thoughts and anxieties. You are welcome to look through my Resource Page for a Meditation that soothes your needs.

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Resources: I have made a library of yoga exercises for you, you can click on the link and try some Kundalini meditations and kriyas below.

Kundalini Yoga Kriyas
Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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Thank you for reading!

With loving kindness,
Tiaga Nihal Kaur.
Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, ॐ

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