How to Spring Clean Your Mind

Did you know that the average adult spends about 47% of his waking time not paying attention, its said that we are less happy when we`re not paying attention. But don`t despair, there is good news, paying attention can be learned and be cultivated through simple practices.

#MeToo Meditation

#Metoo hashtag has exploded all over the world with women and men coming out talking about being sexually abused, harassed or experienced any kind of sexual misconduct. In that relation, I have meditated on my own experiences with being sexually harassed. 

The Journey is the Reward

The Journey is the reward We often keep our minds busy with new ideas, projects or goals. When we come back to the present moment and mindfully engage in the here and now, with inter-being of everything that is around us we engage in the journey of self.  Living with awareness in the now makes us…