Gratitude is My Secret Weapon

Today was one of my best days because I got the chance to spread the awareness of Loving-Kindness throughout the whole world. 

Free Yogic Recipes

Free Yogic Recipes for You   Yogi Bhajan`s 5 Oil Salad Dressing – This is a potent and restorative salad dressing that Yogi Bhajan recommended. Download below to get your 5 Oil Salad Dressing recipe. Yogic Ginger Tea – great for the season now as it is a digestive aid, good for colds, nausea, even during…

Free Mantra Toolkit

Free Mantra Toolkit for You The Mantra Toolkit includes a PDF with two handouts that you can download for FREE. What you will get:  What mantra is. 2 Kundalini Yoga Mantras Download to get yours now, click on the button below. Metta Yoga Online: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram I Hope You Enjoy The Freebie! Tiaga Nihal Kaur,  Namaste ॐ