5 Instant Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We need to build a safer, healthier and more resilient future for people and our nature. We must begin to take it serious on how we produce and consume energy, food and water, protect our world`s forest and help people prepare for a changing world.

Who Are You Really? The Nature of Reality #SelfReflectionSunday

Today`s topic is #SelfReflectionSunday and #WhoAreYou I was asked this question on a Facebook post today and my answer is revealed if you read further below in my post. In today’s society, we are seldom met with the important question of who we really are, rather what we are doing. The common mistake is the misconception…

#MeToo Meditation

#Metoo hashtag has exploded all over the world with women and men coming out talking about being sexually abused, harassed or experienced any kind of sexual misconduct. In that relation, I have meditated on my own experiences with being sexually harassed.